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Journalist Asked Govinda About Dancing Uncle. Here’s What The Actor Said

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Journalist Asked Govinda About Dancing Uncle. Here’s What The Actor Said: Hello, everyone before someday a video gone viral of dancing uncle copying Govinda’s style see what Govinda reply.

Journalist Asked Govinda About Dancing Uncle. Here’s What The Actor Said

A couple of days before, a middle-aged guy stormed the Web with his awesome dance moves and social media went crazy for him. He’s none other than 46 years old Sanjeev Shrivastava, who’s an Assistant Professor in Bhabha University, Bhopal. His dancing video on the tune”Aapke Aa Jane Se” was captured through the wedding ceremony of his brother-in-law along with his wife Anjali was seen sharing the stage with him.

His movie went viral for all the right reasons and he earned the name of Dancing Uncle. Afterward, one more movie featuring him on the track”Chadti Jawani Meri Chaal Mastani” got circulated and even after reaching home, he was in no mood to stop as more of his dance clips stored on circulating through the micro-blogging site Twitter.

A growing number of individuals are getting his supporters day by day and we were only waiting for Govinda’s response on his dance as Sanjeev is a huge fan of Govinda and reproduces his style.

Finally, Govinda has reacted over it and here’s what he said when a journalist asked his views over Sanjeev’s dance videos,

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“Thanks to that person who has danced on the song of my movie which came many years ago and the song has got popular due to that person. I saw it and I liked it, he has done it very well.”

When the anchor asked who sent him that video, he said,

“Someone sent me and I showed it to my wife as well. I have seen nearly half-a-dozen actors copying my moves but this guy has done remarkably well.”

When Govinda was asked whether Sanjeev exactly copied him, the actor said,

“The main thing about it is that he was enjoying a lot, he never thought of getting famous, he was just having fun. We actors do it because we are asked to do it.”

He also added,

“I always try to do something unique which has not been seen in dance but this guy gives an impression that he is copying Govinda very well and he is doing great. Every artist likes to see his work repeated by someone else. He is dancing so good despite his tummy is out and I feel he is quite different from others and I haven’t seen someone else like him.”

Govinda also gave a message for the professor,

“Thanks for the way you have copied my dance and keep on enjoying like this. Your wife has also enjoyed the moment and I liked the way she also danced a little in UP style.”

Reaction Video Of Govinda About Dancing Uncle

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